Pastor's Welcome,


Welcome to our church at the Upper Room and the exciting ministry that God has called us to do in Southwest Washington State.  I hope that our site provides you enough insight into “who we are” so that you’ll come and check us out in person! This might be the new church that you have been looking for!

We are in the LIFE business.  We welcome and care for people at all stages of LIFE, including children, youth, students, couples, singles, parents, and seniors.  We simply enjoy making guests feel at home, especially if you haven’t been involved in a church recently or are coming out of a situation where your previous church hurt or failed to value you.  Our heart is open to offer you a new and refreshing oasis, a place where we strive together to discover God’s purpose and plans for our lives!   

It doesn't matter how well you know the Bible or our Lutheran tradition, whether you have ever attended church, come from a different Christian background or if you have a bucket full of questions concerning the role of the church in your life.  I would like to personally invite you to contact me by email or phone to set-up a time to meet with me at my office or in your home.  I’d enjoy hearing about your life journey to this point and share with you how we would like to make an impact on the rest of your journey.



Pastor Bob Swearer

Lead Pastor


Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

7000 N Sheldon Rd

Canton, MI 48187





What do we believe and teach at Life Journey?

Learn more about our views on what it means to be a Christian, salvation, and many other topics. 


The original members of Life Journey Lutheran Church first met for weekly worship services at King's Way Christian School, now lease their own space on 134th St, and have started a Future Building Fund to purchase their own property.

  • May 5, 2013 - Incorporated as a Washington State Non-Profit

  • Rev. Robert Swearer called to serve as Lead Pastor

  • Dec 15, 2013 - Accepted Into LCMC

  • Dec 24, 2014 - Official Public Launch​