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1313 NE 134th St

This property is a large building in Vancouver, WA shared by three churches and some small businesses, each having their own private suites. Life Journey currently occupies Suite 230 on the 2nd floor of the West side. It is called "The Upper Room" after the location of The Last Supper described in Luke 22:7-20.

The Upper Room consists of a Main Worship Area, SonRise Cafe, Conference Room, Pastor's Office, and Childcare Room. Each serves its own purpose, combining for a maximum approved occupancy of just over 200 people. An elevator is available in the main lobby near the West entrance for those who made wish to use it.

The Sanctuary


The Upper Room has a unique worship layout, centered by an altar with stained glass window background, and surrounded by pews, chairs, built-in speakers and strategically placed big screen TV's. Comfortable padded chairs can be added in the back to accommodate any overflow seating.

SonRise Cafe


A separate, private eating area used mainly for breakfast and coffee on Sunday mornings, with adequate counter space for serving and tables space for consuming. A great place to fellowship with friends or enjoy a free hot breakfast before church, provided weekly to everyone by generous members.

Child Care Room

Arts & crafts, drawing table, toys, TV with DVD player, and even a rocking chair for the kids to enjoy.

Conference Room


As a center for education and operations, the conference room has many functions. On Sunday's it serves as a teaching center for all ages, including elementary, middle, and high school Bible study classes. During the week, it is used for group studies, meetings, and as a general work space.

A big screen TV with DVD, cable, USB, and HDMI hookups is available for large audiences, as well as a work desk, copier, printer, scanner, industrial paper cutter, and all of the regular office supplies you can think of. Coffee and donuts are typically available during regular office hours or any other time Pastor Bob is in.

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