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There are many ways for you to “CONNECT” with us at The UPPER ROOM at Life Journey.


•    Set up a visit with our Lead Pastor at your home, coffee shop, or in his office
•    Attend a worship service
•    Participate in one of our Bible Studies or Life Groups
•    Volunteer to serve for a community outreach ImpACT Event


We know that going to a new place can be intimidating and scary. Do I even want to get connected to a church in the first place?  If I do, is this the right church for me? Is there something for my kids?  What should I wear? Will I fit in? We’ve asked those questions too.


Please know we will make every effort to ensure your worship, education and fellowship experiences with us are worry free.  We want you to feel at home from the first time that you step through our doors.

Attend a CORE Class


Following the model of Jesus, we build relationships with people in three ways: one on one, one on some, and one on many. Through a series of specific classes aligned with our three values called Core Classes, we teach the basics of following Jesus (i.e. how to pray, how to study the Bible, how to serve, reach people, and worship).


We take great joy in seeing you equipped, empowered, and engaged to live a life of purpose and influence…


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Choose A Life Group


These weekly home based groups of 10-12 members and ministry partners are designed to create a dynamic Christian community where you can …


Connect   through fellowship and authentic relationships 
Grow   through interactive study of God's Word
GO   with encouragement and prayerful support


Attendees take turns preparing and hosting dinner, while a group leader creates a Bible study connected to the previous Sunday’s Worship theme. We like to refer to these groups as a time of H.E.L.P. (hang-out, eat, learn, pray).


Various locations and times available throughout Vancouver, WA!

Get Baptized


At Life Journey, we think baptism is a big deal. We believe that Jesus told us to baptize as any people as possible. Matthew 28:19 "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." So, that's exactly what we intend to do! If you or a member of your family have not been baptized, then come on! What are you waiting for?  Here are a few of the big ideas that we believe about Baptism:

-  Baptism is about what God is doing to us, not something we do for God

-  It’s a free gift, given for God's children of ALL AGES

-  We baptize from infants to elderly
-  Forgiveness of sin is received
-  The mode doesn’t matter, it’s about WATER and the WORD
-  It’s a physical sign of our entrance into God’s Family and of His love

-  No do-overs necessary, one Baptized is enough


Sign Up Now To Schedule A Baptism


Become A Member

When the time is right and you feel led by God’s Spirit, we cordially invite you to join Life Journey as a member.  Membership is the local church’s means of bringing God’s people into an accountable and committed relationship so that we might be a healthy and effective expression of God’s family. It allows us to grow in our knowledge of Scripture, exhibit Christ centered lifestyles, have sacrificial attitudes, and seek ways to serve and influence our culture.  


At Life Journey, we don't want to be a church of consuming observers who sit back and watch a select few people do all of the work.  We want the church to be the church; which is why we take membership seriously.

Apply Now To Become A Member

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