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Pastor Erik Gravrock
Interim Pastor

Pastor Erik joined Life Journey Lutheran Church on June 26, 2022.  More inspiring information coming soon.

Rev. Robert J. Swearer
Retired Pastor

Pastor Bob was the first called pastor to our ministry and has guided this congregation since its beginnings. His 32 years of experience in ministry and professional church consulting has allowed Life Journey to flourish as a start-up ministry.  Pastor Bob's retirement sermon was June 12, 2022.  


Marge Swearer
Worship Coordinator,

 Marge worked hand in hand with Pastor Bob to make Life Journey Lutheran a fulfilling experience.  Her musical expertise coordinated a Worship Team of talented congregation members.

Lori Fiorillo
Celebrate Recovery
Ministry Coordinator

Lori serves as our Celebrate Recovery Ministry Coordinator leading the effort to build an officially recognized CR ministry at LJLC. She currently works with five other team members.

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Rodney Rogers
Ministry Coordinator

Rodney serves as our Multi-Media Ministry Coordinator overseeing our Sunday  worship Livestream broadcast. Rodney has a background in television production.  Three additional media team volunteers help cover the live in-house Power Point presentation under his supervision.


Judy Zeller
Altar Guild
Ministry Coordinator

Judy serves as our Altar Guild Ministry coordinator overseeing Altar/ Holy Communion set-up and supplies. 


Jodi Church
Kidz Journey
Ministry Coordinator

Jodi Serves as our Sunday morning Kidz Journey Ministry coordinator for classes (grades 1-5) during worship

Nicole Tiffany
Home School
Ministry Coordinator

Nicole serves as our Home School Ministry Coordinatro who oversees weekday home school classes that are held on our campus. She also hosts a Wednesday chapel worship and Friday evening family film night during the first week of each month. During the summer months, Nicole directs LJLC's Vacation Bible School program

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