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What To Expect...


We believe true, heart-felt worship should lead to an encounter with God.  It is a sacred time, something for everybody in the community to participate in.  Our services are about 60 minutes in length with a blend of traditional and contemporary elements.


Each Sunday, you will have the opportunity to sing contemporary songs and classical hymns (led by our contemporary worship team), participate in corporate confession and absolution, pray, and hear relevant Biblical preaching.  Occasionally, you may enjoy a Baptism, a testimony from an individual or special message from a guest speaker.  Every service is a multi-sensory experience.

On 1st and 3rd Sundays, you will have the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion set to the classical communion liturgy and accompanied by an organ. 

How Are Visitors Treated?


At Life Joureny, we understand you may want to lay low and observe as you get your bearings on this new place.  Visiting anywhere new presents questions like “What do I wear?” "Where do I get information?" "Where do I bring the kids?" 


Because we believe that God has put our congregation in a powerful position to impact people’s lives, real people like you and your family, we would like your visit with us to be pleasant and relaxed, a visit without distractions.

What Is The Dress Code?


At Life Journey, we believe that God is more interested in your heart than what kind of clothes you wear.  You will see a wide variety of attire. We are a come-as-you-are church.  Some people choose to dress-up while others choose to wear jeans.

Members and guests tend to be very casual week to week. However, expect to see a number of khakis, colored shirts, suit and ties, or nice dresses on special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. Family pictures in front of our beautiful decorations are common.

Can I Receive Holy Communion?


At Life Journey, we believe the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper is the true Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. In this Holy Meal, one receives full forgiveness and perfect unity with each other.  Scripture requires that each communicant first examine himself/herself regarding confession of sin, trust in Jesus for salvation, belief in the Real Presence, and the desire to grow in grace.

We believe that Communion is a time when believers of like mind come close to the Lord and to one another.  If you are supportive of these beliefs, we welcome you to the Lord’s Supper. If, however, at this point you are unsure of your relationship with Christ or question whether your beliefs differ from those of our church, we ask that you use the communion time to meditate and pray.

Can I Help Lead Worship?


At Life Journey, the worship team is accessible. We are always looking for new vocalists and instrumentalists (guitar, drums, key board, wind & brass instruments) to join our music team.  We want all people to make a joyful noise.


You need not be a trained musician to use the gifts God has given you to help us worship God. While quality is very important to us, our worship team has trained performers and teachers, some professional, who can help make you a valuable asset. What makes the music sound good is the integrity of those who offer their gifts and talents to the Lord.


Any Other Tips For My Initial Visit?


  • Before a worship service, check out the worship bulletin to see what’s going on at Life Journey.​


  • Enjoy a free cup of coffee and treats in our SonRise Café while making new friends before or after the worship service.


  • Be sure to stop by the Connections Welcome Center before or after the service to pick up a name tag, some literature about our various ministries or ask any questions you may have. Our friendly hospitality hosts are available to assist you in getting connected.

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